Digital business building

We build digital businesses that can outpace the competition and drive tangible impact on the P&L. We can reimagine the anatomy of your company to either turbocharge your core or build new businesses. We assist clients across the journey of building a digital business, from breakthrough idea generation to delivering impact at scale.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

EY-Parthenon digital business building teams can help you innovate at the speed of a startup, leveraging your core strengths to deliver breakthrough impact fast and with targeted capital investment.

Part art and part science, we reimagine the anatomy of traditional businesses. Our digital strategy services help de-risk execution and realize value at scale. Key components of the anatomy of a digital business include:

Art and Science

The art

Adaptive solution-market fit

Defining, designing and creating customer-centric, profitable solutions at scale brings clear competitive differentiation supported by an MVP approach that continuously evolves through rapid prototyping.

Digital platform

Delivering frictionless and personalized end-to-end solutions leverages leading-class R&D (for products) and innovations (for connected digital solutions).

Connected future ready org

Leveraging behavioral science shifts organizational culture and enables quasi-autonomous decision-making to accelerate innovation and adoption.

The science

Asset-light operations and infrastructure

Harnessing and pivoting assets, supply chain and partnerships can advance investments in new capabilities through build, buy and partner models.

Omnichannel commercial engine

Turbocharging omnichannel customer acquisition and engagement, channel management, and revenue and pricing models through advanced analytics enables new go-to-market models.

Live-streaming data intelligence

Aggregation of “data baskets” across the ecosystem can consistently drive intelligence across digital use cases (e.g., personalized nudges, dynamic pricing, digital thread, etc.) and enable a culture of insight-driven decision-making.

Platform-centric tech stack

Rapidly extensible microservices-based architecture allows for secure plug and play with internal and external ecosystems through APIs and the ability to integrate with web 3.0.

Our approach to building a digital business

Our agile multi-stage approach helps organizations reimagine and scale-up a portfolio of digital centric business models. Core to our approach is the “bootstrap” phase in which bite-sized experimentation can help identify the scalable recipe for business models. 

Key principles of our digital strategy services

  • Finding the needle in the haystack: Bite-size experiments test various options to identify the right strategic design.
  • Co-creating the proposition: Involves testing with friendly users and employees.
  • Accelerating build and launch: Enhancing the mix of build, buy and partner can accelerate time to market and avoid overspending.
  • Nudging behavioral change: Enabling change management and cultural shift advances innovation and new ways of working.
  • Focusing on the P&L: Developing a gated investment plan backed by success measures includes a laser focus on profit and loss and delivery of business key performance indicators.

Offering deep sector-driven insights

We help you get answers to:

  • How can I integrate strategy across all digital, commercial, and operational competencies to deliver on key success factors?
  • How can I drive digital initiatives that reach key milestones and deliver return on investment?
  • How do I successfully scale businesses from concept to cash lifecycle?

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