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How Codacy saved tons of development hours, with Chargebee.

Codacy were also able to iterate with their product much easier and faster than before, using Chargebee.

What Codacy looked for

Comprehensive billing system that would save them from the countless hours spent on developing an in-house solution.

Support with invoicing, taxes, and reporting - all in one place.

After Chargebee

Iterated with their product easily, with Chargebee’s hosted pages method of integration.

Allow customers to manage their subscriptions with Chargebee’s customer portal.

See how Chargebee is a trusted partner in 4500+ growth stories

The Problem

Codacy started with a very simple solution that they built on top of Stripe to manage their subscriptions. The solution was able to bill customers on a recurring basis by collecting payments. For operations such as invoices, reporting and taxes they resorted to third party services.

Although it worked just fine, whenever there was a small issue they had to keep going back to the code base to make fixes and this almost always ate into development time. And the code base began to grow more complex.

Being a lean team, the technical debt started affecting them.

The Solution

All it took for Codacy was three days to integrate into Chargebee and get things rolling. They picked the hosted pages method of integration.

Their development team were able to focus on making their product better, rather than reinventing the wheel. Whenever there was an issue with the billing, the support team found it easy to check the subscriptions by logging into Chargebee and just debugging the problem. For the sales team, creating custom plans and managing discounts became effortless.

“We were evaluating other products but Chargebee had the complete set of features that we were looking for. It really helped that with Chargebee we were able to abstract the billing part and keep it separate from our working code base” says João Caxaria, CTO of Codacy.


Saving their dev team from technical debt was not the only challenge Codacy conquered using Chargebee. They were also able to:

  • Send out clear invoices with all the essentials via Chargebee.

  • Let customers see their own billing and manage their subscriptions with Chargebee’s customer portal.

  • Use Chargebee’s hosted checkout pages that took care of PCI Compliance and security.

Ever since we started using it, it has been really painless. Chargebee has saved lots of development time and things have been just great for us. We made the right call by switching to Chargebee.

João Caxaria, CTO, Codacy

Tech Stack


Stripe, Chargebee


Zapier, Chargebee




Zendesk, Intercom

We understood that if we tried to do it all, we were going to fail. We'd much rather integrate with a solution like Chargebee than having to build it all by ourselves. Whatever works without you having to write code, is probably the best solution for you.
João Caxaria, CTO, Codacy